Heartburn and Throat Flutters /Spasms ?

Hi, just a quick one, still waiting to get for dx, although now have had my spine mri and Evoked potentials for my eyes. Very briefly I have had a number of “odd” symptoms for a number of years and after a brian MRI showing lesions (1 was in the corpus call… ??) and with the neuro doing some other tests incl ECG when i told her I do get palpatations on occasion …all seems to point to MS being at the top of the list (or so she says).

I have suffered with heartburn for a number of years also and although take lansoprazole which seems to handle it most of the time I do get terrible heartburn on occasions to the extent i sometimes wake up choking. I also get on occasions (not all the time, sometimes it will happen quite often everyday for a week and then nothing for months) a feeling that I have fluttering in my lower throat, feels similar to when your eye twitches but a little more powerful… does anyone else suffer either ms related or not ?

I am still trying to be optimistic and i am planning my year ahead…I have started to do some voluntary work at the hospice and i am on the “verge” of starting at the gym !! and have booked ghost hunting weekends !!!all this has been really helpful in coping with limboland even though at the moment i am feeling extremely fatigued…not sleep so much as no energy if that makes sense ?? and my back is quite painful and my right leg feels heavy…

I was just wondering if anyone knows if the ECG i had done a couple of weeks ago can rule out anything sinister with palpatations…i was told to visit the gp and let them know if i have any other symptoms but sometimes feel as though i am a hypocondriac …

Also my brian not working properly so my sincere apologies if this post makes no sense whatsoever…although i suspect that it has nothing to do with anything other then its me being me !!!

Thanks for you time

Kristy xx

A quick ECG is unlikely to pick up palpitations unless you happen to have them at the same (short!) time. If you are concerned, then you need to get a referral to cardiology who may arrange for you to wear a “tape”, which is basically a wee ECG recorder strapped to your body for a day.

It is possible for MS to have an effect on the heart and digestive system because the vagus nerve connects to both and it is part of the central nervous system, but it’s difficult to prove that it’s the culprit so a lot of MSers end up with diagnoses like benign whatever, non-organic whatever, functional whatever because the thing causing the symptoms is actually working fine, it’s the input that’s gone wonky. IBS is a good example. Lots of MSers have problems with their digestive system, but nothing’s found when they get all the tests done so they get diagnosed with IBS. (My neuro told me this btw.)

I have diagnoses of IBS and tachycardia (and take pills for both), but my digestive system and my heart are both working perfectly. Hopefully you’ll find that you’re similar, especially that your heart is fine - it’s quite a relief to find that out!

Enjoy the ghost hunting!

Karen x