Heart problems - MS related?


I wonder if any of you have had heart problems and, if so, do you know if they were related to MS? I’ve recently discovered that I have a problem and am being looked after by a cardiologist, but I wonder if it could be related to MS. I never thought I’d have problems - I used to be a runner before MS, I have quite low cholesterol. Fair enough, since MS, I’ve become quite unfit due to inactivity, and that has been nearly 4 years now.

I’m not sure if I want it to be MS related. One the one hand, if they find out my arteries are clogged, there might be a way to solve it, and maybe what I was thinking was MS fatigue was actually something else, which I can get rid of. But if it’s MS related maybe it’s not as risky as they seem to think it could be right now - Whilst I wait for them to investigate more. One big problem is the heart rhythm. I saw something with Google that suggested that could be an MS symptom.

Anyway, if anyone out there has had something similar, please let me know. As always, the more you know the less frightening things are.



Just did a search of the forums and it seems I’m not the first person to have asked this question. It seems like medics are of the opinion that no, MS and heart problems aren’t connected. Has anyone been told otherwise?

Well … …
I had heart problems nearly 20 years back, a triple bypass 15 years back, and my heart condition is monitored to this day.
My MS started as transverse myelitis in 2007.
My GP is one of the local cardio experts, and well aware of my MS, and does not suggest any connection.


i read that ms can affect the vagus nerve that controls the heart and breathing rate,its quite rare but can happen,i think because its not a common symptom of ms, not much is known about it,i have problems with my heart rate, too it slows right down, and misses beats too,its scary then other times it goes way too fast.

I had it a while back for a full day and night where it missed a beat, every few beats ,and it made me feel very ill,it went off the next day,but if it hadnt i was going to go to A & E as i was that worried.