Worth it.

Hello good people. As my wife performs miracles balancing work/home/young daughter etc, I actually have a choice of being a couch potato or a carefully paced domestic godess. I try to be the latter as it has made an enormous difference to her workload. Just as long as you don’t overdo it! I will now claim back the rather smug Tesco catch phrase: Every little helps. I also say that while I can I will. (Fatigue be damned, you are no match for my sit down rollator.) Best wishes.

Ah Steve what a wonderul husband you are.

Every little helps… it’s so true. Just not having to do the dishes or make the bed can be a huge help… and don’t know about you but I find a certain satisfaction in completing these tasks. And why not? It’s all essential stuff.

Not a domestic goddess hon… but a true Renaissance Man.

Have a lovely weekend Steve.

Pat x

Hi Steve,

You are correct, every little bit does help, not only for your wife, but also gives youna feeling of satisfaction which has got to be good.

Well done you, onwards and upwards.

Pam x

I also agree that every bit helps. I was laid off work and try to pace myself through the housework but pay my daughter to wash the evening dishes and get a cleaner in just for an hour a week to do jobs I can’t manage and their little bit makes all the difference. I really feel the benefit of any help and I’m sure your wife will appreciate everything you manage to do, don’t beat yourself up for not managing everything though.

Cath x

Thanks ladies. I always think it’s worth passing on the positives. Good wishes. x x x

Good morning Steve, just what I needed a bit of positive. Couples that work together stay together, its actually ‘play’ together but that’s up to youand your good lady a flower for her. Take care M

Hi, I also try to do a bit round the house, to help my hard worked hubby. But I am less able as my spc is still letting me know it`s there, when I bend or reach for the tap.

I know that when I manage to dry the pots after tea, hubby is a much nicer person when helping me to bed.

Every little DOES help!

luv Pollx