A helpful Rose

On a happy note.

When I saw my daughter last week-a whole 7 tears old now, she noticed my balding head (thanks, chemo). “You can wear hats now, Daddy.” Then as I was transferring to the armchair, she showed me how to grip the arm of the chair properly and handed me a walking-stick just for safety.

What a helpful little button she is.

Had my 5th of 6 sessions today but they want me back on Friday for a blood transfusion as my haemoglobin is down. No wonder why my fatigue has gone ballistic.


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Hi Steve

You have one caring thoughtful young daughter, that was lovely to read and obviously a very special bond between you both.

Hope your transfusion goes ok on Friday and helps you regain some energy, take care.

Pam x


What a lovely helpful thoughtful daughter you have. Xx

Take it easy out there Steve. We get bye with a little help.

Your daughter sounds lovely. It’s amazing what a difference a bit of blood can make. I had 2 units and even breathing felt easier, I felt like a new healthy person, hope you feel better for it. Take care Cath x

Lovely to hear about little Rosie , shes growing up so fast it must make you feel so happy that shes turning into a helpful young lady . Shes right you should get a hat Steve , I think we all need one in this weather. Michelle and Frazer xx