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I’ve just seen a neurologist yesterday, and said I’ve got spinal stenosis. Asked me to walk “toe to heel”, and my balance wasn’t very good. I have a lot of pain in my lower legs, tingling in my hands and feet, fatigue, when I told her that, I was asked if anyone in my family has MS? I’m now waiting to see a neurosurgeon at the Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham. Just worried if the diagnosis comes back as positive. I’ve looked at the website here, and most of the symptoms are as if I’ve wrote them. I don’t have bowel/bladder or memory/cognitive problems, but others are really close to me

Hiya Kez and welcome to the boards.

I know what a scary and worrying time this is for you.

Having pain and problems whilst doing normal functions is such a frightening thing.

I did a quick google to check what it means and as I thought, you have an area in your spinal cord which has a narrowing.

As you are waiting to see a neurosurgeon, does that mean you will be having an operation?

If so, could this sort out the problem altogether?

It may not have anything to do with MS, so perhaps it isnt a good idea to start filling your head with MS info just now, eh?

Let`s hope it isnt anything that causes lasting problems.

Let us know how you go on, if you like, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Kez, Poll is right! Referral to a neurosurgeon means they suspect the problem is mechanical, due to the stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal that carries the spinal cord) and may be fixable by surgery. A neurosurgeon cannot diagnose MS (though he would be competent to suspect it, and make a referral to somebody who can). He will be looking, firstly, to see whether your symptoms can be fully explained by the stenosis, and, secondly, whether surgery is feasible. This means MS isn’t the prime suspect, for the time being. It would only become more of a suspect if he thinks the stenosis can’t really explain how bad your symptoms are, because he doesn’t think it’s interfering with the spinal cord. Anything that interferes with the normal working of the spinal cord will have similar symptoms, so checking if it’s getting nicked or pinched is a good first step. This may fully explain everything by itself. Tina

Thanks guys. No, not having surgery-they said they didn’t think it would be useful and too risky. I feel a bit of a fraud writing on here, just in case it isn’t MS. The dr told me that there is a good chance it could be, but won’t confirm until I’ve had the Indepth CT and MRI. She said the only reason she thinks it may not be is with no bowel/bladder/cognitive/speech problems. I know I’ve only just joined this forum, but I’d really like to thank you all massively for your support.x

You``re very welcome hun.

No need to feel a fraud…I dont have ms, but lurk around here a lot!

luv Pollx

Your not a fraud Jump in and ask away,I’m not DX but these people have been a god send Take care Gray x

Well, update time. I’ve had my MRI and CT done now, plus I’ve had my letter come through for my “big” hospital visit to the Q.E. That’s on the 3rd February. The doctor I’ve got to see specialises in MS apparently. I feel like stupid at the moment, I’ve noticed that I tend to go quite dizzy over thr simplest things, like standing looking at something, getting dressed. I’m also, erm it’s like I’m tripping up over nothing. It’s really getting me mad

I am in the same boat! Waiting for a lumbar puncture to confirm. My doctor has advised me to book an appointment with an MS nurse already though! I really don’t want to just in case it’s not (I’m still holding out for a negative result!) but at the same time I want to do everything I can for myself just in case it is! Really not sure what to so at the minute!! Xx