Worried about diagnosis/next steps

Hi, I am just looking for some advice as I am scared an MS diagnosis may be on its way.

I had a brain MRI to rule out a growth on my auditory nerve due to pulsatile tinnitus on one side. I have had a few instances of tingling in my face on the same side lasting minutes only, but seem to be brought on when I raise my arms above my head. The tinnitus has now gone away. It has been nearly a year since I last had it.

I had a call from the ENT consultant to say that there was no growth on the MRI, but there were some white patches that were possible demyelination but it was not his area so would be referring me to neurology.

I am terrified as to what this means and have been on Dr Google which was probably not a good idea. I have had pins and needles today that seems to be lasting ages in my arm but not sure if that is just anxiety as my pins and needles started due to resting on my arm.

I have been told it’s likely to be quite a wait before I get an appointment. How do you stay positive as I can’t help but think the worst. My husband keeps telling me there could be other reasons but I am not sure how likely this is.

Anyone else had this experience, being tested for something else and having this finding? Wondering what will likely happen when I see the neurologist as the waiting is awful.


Try and stay off google if you can, the trouble with symptoms like numbness, tingling and pins and needles if they take you straight to an MS website and that’s not helpful. They might be due to one of dozens of other things, not necessarily sinister so wait for the neuro appointment.

He might send you for a new MRI so he has an up to date picture and can draw his own conclusions. Hopefully you won’t have to wait too much longer. Then there will be another wait for you to see him again for the results. If it is MS, the MS Society has a wealth of information, support and resources including the Helpline. And we are here too!

Good luck and take care.


I’ve just posted a rather lengthy answer to The Funk DJs post which you added to. See

Maybe you could look at that rather than me answering you specifically.


Hi JA81 - I’m new on here too and know what it’s like to use Dr. Google - not a very trustworthy chap - lol! I mean, likely you could go searching for information on an ingrowing toenail, only to conclude that your whole leg needs amputation - haha!

The neurologist is definitely the person to see about the MRI results, but the white patches could be lots of things and nothing sinister. So, I know it’s hard, but try not to focus on the ‘maybes’ and ‘what ifs’ 'cos the only thing it achieves is to cause you stress (been there, done that myself!).

The waiting game is a hard one to play, I know, so I really hope you get your appointment soon. Even if the neurologist wants another MRI done, he/she will probably also get lots of blood tests etc. carried out before making a diagnosis in order to try and identify other possible causes/rule things out.

So, try to hang on in there - I’m keeping everything crossed for you!