Found out by accident?

Anyone go for an totally unrelated MRI and found out they had MS ?

I got a MRI for tinnitus and they told me I have MS. I’m devastated. I asked the doctor if it can be anything else and she said no . The MRI report clearly says MS on it too.

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Firstly, I’m sorry you found out that way.

Perhaps importantly, you’ve found out quite early on by the sounds of it so you’re in a good position compared to others. Speak with your doctors and make a plan.

I’m awaiting an MRI so not diagnosed, but been warned of a possible/probably MS finding when they do it.

Oddly, I’ve had tinnitus for years and it was my first “oddity”, whether or not it could be related to MS is to be seen.

I don’t know how bothersome the tinnitus is to you but I promise it does get more bearable. I didn’t think I’d sleep again when it first happens, but now it only bothers me very occasionally and is just part of my life.

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Hello, some 18 years ago I went to the eye outpatients unit at my local hospital. I was losing sight in my right eye. A few hours later and after an MRI I was told it was probably MS. So yes - although I Had to wait for a few weeks for confirmation (a tortuous wait).

Have you started on a disease modifying drug?

Well crumbs, that’s a shocker. I am sorry that you have had such an unpleasant piece of news so unexpectedly.

It’s worse at night , makes it hard to sleep that’s for sure .

MRI showed lesions and stuff on my brain and clearly says MS on it and I’ve been told by the doctor it’s MS LAST YEAR. And I’ve been waiting for an appointment with a neurologist since AUGUST 2023.

The canadian heathcare system is super slow and way understaffed :frowning:

Last week I was also told I probably have crohn disease too . I’m having an endoscopy and colonoscopy done on Tuesday . That’s after having diarrhea for 2 MONTHS !!!

I wish I was super rich so I could have enough money to fly to different countries for healthcare and not have to wait so long …

thanks for your reply

No , nurse said that’s why I need to see a neurologist , to find out what medication he will put me on . But until then I just have to wait . I’ve been waiting since august 2023 , that’s a long wait …

Tinnitus then MS diagnosis for me, I’ve bilateral hearing aids ,which really help. I can answer my mobile with a tap of my aids…no need to hold your phone to your ear. I can also listen to music, watch YouTube ect all streamed through my aids. Audiologist also put calming sounds onto them…when the tinnitus gets really bad a tap then calming sounds play.

It is indeed a long wait. My sympathies to you. If it is of any help, then after 18 years I can still walk although I do sometimes use a stick and for any thing much over 10-15 minutes I use a mobility scooter. Still able to enjoy life although I must admit MS can get me down and does make everything a little bit harder or require a bit of thought and planing especially holidays. Overall though, and coming up to my 70th birthday, life is OK.

P.S I have been on Avonex for 18 years.