MS or not?

I dont know where to start really so basically I’ll start with the fact that about five years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia which has similar symptoms to MS. Ive had chronic vertigo in the past but went away (unless I was ill) but about 9 months ago started badly again with the addition of pulsatile tinnitus and worsening of fibro symptoms. Two weeks ago I was sent for an open MRI scan (very claustrophobic and when I tried to have a normal one about 9 years ago I couldn’t get in). Results yesterday have found no obvious cause for the tinnitus or vertigo such as tumour, stroke, or aneurysm and my cardiovascular risk is as low as it can be. However they have said they have found some “non-specific white matter changes” and have made a referral to neurology. Is this what people have had at scans or is it something more specific with MS?. It was an ENT consultant that ordered the scan so I guess he’s less sure what he’s looking for but given my fibro symptoms is MS a possibility?

I’m so scared. My GP has booked an appointment for 18th Feb as earliest on system but has requested an earlier urgent appointment due to my mental health problems that cause severe anxiety.

Put a dampner on my already bad christmas and new year.


Vicky x

Hi Vicky, I`m sorry to read of your many health issues.

It could be that you do also have MS.

Your GP sounds very good and is doing what he can to reduce your anxiety levels.

2016 has started not so well for you, but I hope things become more settled and you can move forward.

luv Polx

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Hi Vicky, I was misdiagnosed for 11 years with fibro you are right a lot of the symptoms are similar. If you do have ms like me you have being living with it for a long time and you have managed, I know the thought of it is very scary but you need an accurate diagnosis in order to obtain the best care. What I am trying to say is don’t let the name scare you, Ms can be managed and we are all here to help you.

ann x