Querry ms

Hi new here

May last year i found out that i have fibromyiliga. for the first time in my life everything made sence started on new meds and all was ok untill june this year when i knocked sideways. I have been having trouble with ringing in my ears and hearing my blood pumping in my ears.

The docors did an MRI scan when i went back to my GP he told me there was no tumor but the scan showed that i had more white then gray matter or the other way round was in schock by this time. I asked him what did this meen he then said that i mite have MS but he did not think so. i have got my appontmint to see nuero next thursday but the more i think about it the more worried i am if not MS what else can coruse this i am 49yrs old and if i honset i am starting to freck out

hi ellen

don’t freak out!

even if it is ms, life still goes on.

good luck with your neuro next thursday

carole x

Hi Ellen, try not to worry too much, it’s very good news that you don’t have a tumor.

When you see your neuro next week hopefully you’ll get a diagnosis. Before you go write down any questions that you’ve thought of, sometimes when they’re sitting in front of you giving information, it’s difficult to remember what to ask!

Try to keep calm & keep thinking of the good news you’ve already had.

Best of luck,

Rosina x