Not diagnosed just looking for info

Hi all.

I guess im writing this as im fighting to get help with a range of symptoms. It was a friend of mine who planted the seed of MS.

I have had tinnitus for over 6 years.

3 years ago, it was believed I had costochondritis after my upper body went into spasm and frooze up for anout a week.

For about 2 years now I’ve had hearing loss and dizziness, lightheadiness, which is constant every day. I have severe headaches, and sometimes my eyes hurt.

About a year ago i started forgetting words not often but enough for me to notice and worry about it

Over the past two weeks ive had pins and needles in my left arm and left leg.

I went to ENT doctor who said he couldnt see anything wrong with my ear however sent me for mri.

Im now in the waiting period to see what it reveals.

My question is, has anyone had similar experiences, especially with the tinnitus and hearing loss? As i know, it may not be a common symptom.

Any info is really appreciated

Not with tinnitus and hearing loss ( I think my hearing might be declining a little but I’m pretty sure that’s to do with advancing years - am 70 in a few weeks). Dizziness a little.

Personally…yes but everyone’s journey with Ms is different