Looking for a diagnosis

Hi everyone, I am unsure if I should be positing here but I have found this site really supportive (even though I’m in Australia)!!

I am definitely going to sound anxious and it is not my intention to bother anyone I am just at a loss at the moment, so I’m sorry I’m advanced!

In June I lost my hearing in my right ear, then it went to my left which led them to believe it’s autoimmune inner ear disease. But they have no idea what autoimmune disease. I suggested ms because my left foot goes tingly and my bladder is not fab. They looked at me like I was nuts.

Now one to be honest I have had an mri on brain and spine and all they sound on my spine is an AVM which they said has been there my whole life and wouldn’t be causing any of my symptoms so “forget about it”. The rest of the mri was clear. But now I’ve read it’s possible to have a clear mri but still have ms and basically I’m just at a loss. I was just wondering if anyone else has had hearing loss or anything like that? The doctors have just told me in “unlucky” to have this hearing loss. Thank you for all your support already! You all seem like such amazing and supportive people.

andy i’d love to be able to offer you the support you need so much. however i’m a mere mortal with a diminishing brain so you’re out of luck. you haven’t had a bleed on your brain so carry on defying the odds. my mum died of an aneurysm which they said had been there all her life. they are nasty fecks. hope you get your hearing back. there are many supportive and amazing people on here and many have fully functioning brains (unlike me) good luck xx

Hello Andy

I think it would be pretty rare to have a clear brain and spine MRI and still have MS. Hearing loss is of course an unusual but possible symptom of MS. And of course tingling and iffy bladders are typical.

All I could suggest would be that you start a diary of what has been happening to you. Keep notes of what happens, how long things last and whether you get complete recovery from symptoms.

Meanwhile, you could see your GP about your bladder. And of course chase up the hearing problems. It’s a bit crap to not have an answer to whatever is causing that.