Hi guys, was referred to neuro due to pins and needles in feet and legs and heaviness. Spread to arms and hands and when I flex my neck forward it’s worse. Saw neuro on tues and said could be ms. I’m so scared,he said I’m to have a MRI of brain band spine within 2 weeks and maybe lumbar puncture and an electrode test to test my optic nerve. So I’m waiting and ever so 29.

Hi Pinkpolkadots, There are many lovely supportive folk on here, much more experienced than I (my first neuro appointment is next week…after 15 months of keeping a symptom diary and having clear blood tests and one clear ultrasound of my abdomen). It’s good that you have further tests lined up. I recommend using the helpline on this site - I did and the person I spoke to was lovely! Wishing you peace, calm and clarity :heart:

Hi pinkpolkadots

You’ll find lots of very nice people here in the same boat as you who can offer you great advice and support. I have been referred to a neuro by my GP after one instance of Optic Neuritis (which is a kind of common pre-cursor to MS). I am seeing the neuro on Monday for the first time. I am having a head MRI on 9th December.

I know how daunting it is, and how frightened I feel so you have my every sympathy (I’m 27). If you ever want to private message me, please do. It seems you and I have a lot in common at the moment!

Keep coming here for support. Keep us updated too and try your best to stay as calm as possible

((Hugs)) PG xx

thanks guys!! thats really kind, as i type this i had my mri appointment through with contrast. its next tuesday! so within a week!! its a bit scary but at least ill know something soon. x

thanks guys! i now have my mri appointment through. its on tuesday!! mri of head and full spine with contrast. im so nervous!!


thanks guys! i now have my mri appointment through. its on tuesday!! mri of head and full spine with contrast. im so nervous!!

[/quote] I hope its not MS but at least you haven’t got long to wait to find out. I know its a really worrying time for you. I’ve just recently been diagnosed. It has been a big shock but the reality is I’m taking things one day at a time and coping. Your getting the right checks and hopefully things will work out well for you. I’d like to say try not to worry but of course your going to worry until you get the results. There will always be lovely people on here happy to chat a share stories with. Take care, Noreen

Thank you blossom! I hope it’s not but I also hope it’s nothing serious either!! Hate this waiting part! X


Just wanted to send good vibes and say I’m in a similar boat - had 1st neuro appointment today and he thinks it’s MS so am going for brain/top of spine MRI soon… It is scary, but I’m now just really wanting the diagnosis so I can see if they’ll give me something that’ll help…

Also, if you’re worried about the scan itself, I went for an MRI (lower spine) a few months ago and quite enjoyed it - I didn’t get any music but quite enjoyed the sounds it made when it was scanning (don’t know my genres but maybe kind of industrial/drum n bass/electronica)… It’s noisy but dead rhythmic!