Work capability assessments can help improve lives, not write people off Article by Chris Grayling Minister for unemployment

OMG, I HATE him!:


Interesting article with some things to think about.


Yes, there are some things to think about in the article.
It would also be fairly easy to write a response that could make CG look a bit of a banker (sorrry all, another typo).

Interesting that he picked “a woman with depression” as the inspiration for his little piece of self-justification - given how easily depression can be treated.
The first thing that struck me was that IF the woman had suffered from depression for that long, THEN she had been failed by her health care providers for at least 80% of that time. And, IF that really was the case, THEN most of the problems are down to the previous administration - and it is hard to see any politician passing up a chance at sticking it to the other side.

This alone makes me wonder if the woman actually existed, or was she created by the pen of a civil servant?

Think about it some more.


I agree, Geoff.

You can’t trust a word that come out their mouths.