ATOS Work Capability Assessment

I thought people might be interested in this:-


Simon Gillespie, chief executive of the MS Society has been announced as a new member of the independent scrutiny group working on improvements to the Work Capability Assessment (WCA).

Overseeing Professor Malcolm Harrington’s third independent review of the WCA, Simon Gillespie, who has been in charge of the MS Society since 2006, will act as a voice for the charity sector on the scrutiny group. He replaces Paul Farmer, the chief executive of Mind, who left the team last month.

Employment Minister Chris Grayling said he was“delighted” at the news:

Will this benefit any of us? Cant see it myself.


Interesting. cheers for posting this. Hope it does help us lot.

luv Pollx

My understanding is that Simon Gillespie fully supports the ConDems plans re: making the disabled and chronically sick (and yes that means us) go back to work and taking our benefits away. He may be the chief executive of the MS Society but he is not on our side believe me. In fact he may do us far more harm than good.

Thats just what I think as well. The previous member stepped down because he didnt agree with the WCA.  Yet someone who is supposed to represent us has agreed to join them. As someone who has just received another ESA50, I am so worried about what could happen. It shouldnt be like this.  Lyn

Putting obvious disabled receipients through all this worry, upset and further pain due to relapses because of such is not humane in my opinion.  Rather reminds me of times in the past when mis=information was spread about another group thus causing - well we all know what.


Seems that any lengths are to be used to make people feel like their a burden on society because they cost the state too much.  How many have commited suicide or contemplate such - Id like the figures?


Its immoral, unjust, and very unfair when the aim is to get as many disabled working - able bodied cannot find work - how many - 2million plus, more like 4 million, so what hope the disabled.  Its just a means of cutting costs at the expense of those weakest members of society who can either starve or live in adject poverty and be forgotten about.   Whats all this quiet going on - newspapers banned from speaking over the matter, government ministers gagged?


Hail (sarcasm) this government for doing what most feared - stripping the vulnerable whilst scoffing soufle, caviar, and having drinks subsidised via coffers in Westminster.  It stinks.


Hi all 

I've been in touch with the Policy and Campaigns Team on this one and they've come back with the following for you:

"Just like you, we believe that the current benefits system is not working properly and, as a result, is denying thousands of people the support they need to get by. We’ve heard through our helpline, on these forums and when we go out to branches to talk to people about the hardship, anxiety and stress this is causing the MS community. That’s why we’ve been lobbying and campaigning really hard for change to the system to make sure that it gives everyone the support they need – that means support back to work for those who are able and want to, and financial support for those who aren’t able to work.

"We believe that the invitation to Simon to join the scrutiny group is a reflection of how much we’ve raised the profile of MS to ensure that these concerns are heard. We think Simon’s appointment puts us in a stronger position to positively influence the review and to make sure the WCA system is scrutinised properly, and that the voices of people affected by MS are heard at the highest levels. 
"You can read more about our ESA campaign here:”"
Greg [admin]

Yes this is all very annoying and I am in a real bad spot myself at the moment as I can't pay my mortgage anymore...

I think its unfair they took away the ESA for the sick but yet they still have Job seekers allowence for kids that lives with there parents which has no time limit and get all dental etc they need. They should of cut that one if they wanted to cut one ! more people are on that...