Revealed: Universal Credit Capability for Work Questionnaire.

And the torment continues…

This year many of us will have to transfer to Universal Credit, I had no idea

there were strings attached, and that I would - yet again - have to complete a new Work Capability Assessment -

and supply yet more medical evidence.

See full details here:

Official Universal Credit Capability for Work questionnaire.

Aren’t we bullied enough???


Oh dear me! It does make you wonder who’s in charge of the asylum at DWP. While they already hold your N.I. number, your name and address they could themselves do a computer file check to see if/why they already do (or do not!) pay-out benefits (and relating to what associated medical information). Effectively that would allow a simple answer before anyone at DWP needs to get out of bed and think, let alone cause further stress!!! Of course if they were more inclined to write a good algorithm they could lose form writing ‘jobs-worth’ and save storage on filing same documentary evidence many times. This they could then give to a future politician to claim “in real terms we’ve made an admin and money saving, and aren’t we good”


All of this asking for reconsiderations are driving me up the wall. I was given the deadline of 10th May, so I got most things over to them but I still have to get the best letter to them. I thought I’d pop down and hand in the letter but before that I got a notification telling me to look on my UC journal. It was a letter from that lot saying my benefit hasn’t changed. I wondered why am I getting this before the deadline? If I think it’s a wrong decision If I want to appeal I must appeal to an independent tribunal.

I have an appointment at the jobcentre on Friday, so I will let the person know how unhappy I am. Plus I need info on some housing type benefits.

It’s not very rosey for me at the moment. I am even more fed up now.

Sorry to bore you all.

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The Tory Government are firmly in charge of this inhumane policy and the DWP are stuffed with trying to make it work. Next step is surely the glue factory. Britain is no longer a civilised country – the UN’s disability report confirms it | Frances Ryan | The Guardian

Universal Credit is only replacing income related ESA not contribution based.

When I say ‘only’, of course I mean the ba*tards at the DWP are hammering nails into more people who really need and have often already proved that they qualify for income based ESA. And the other benefits which UC replaces (Tax Credits, Housing Benefit, Income Support & JSA). The gits.


Hi, the so-called physical assessment I had to do for the flaming Universal was so crap. It certainly didn’t show me at my MS worst after I’ve walked for a few minutes. It was just stretching and bending my legs and arms. Very rubbish indeed!

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I’ve had a good look online at the uc50 form and can’t see any difference in the phrasing of the questions from the ESA50 form if you’ve filled in one of those and most importantly, taken copies and assuming nothing’s changed just transfer from one to another, and take new copies.

remember new assessment rules for people with MS “among other conditions” have recently come in, so for some people there shouldn’t be any further assessments.

I had a major attact of MS in 1998 and a few since.

I have had several assessments for disability allowance which I went to a tribunal and won

So they put me on ESA

I am in the middle of disputing a capability assessment for ESA and have been put on UC and now have been sent another

UC50 form to fill in for UC and they say “It’s a different department so they have no info about me???”

They were pressuring me to find work. I am 63 and have been retired for 6 years.

At the last interview/signing on They had the audacity to tell me I would be a lot better If I started work

and my friends would respect me more for working!!!

I suppose you have to laugh at their lack of knowledge of MS

I have now got my council Social services department involved.

This seamed to rattle the DWP and they have backed down from making me sign on every week

and just phone me every month instead.

This could help someone else if they are being hassled.

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Well I have a slight problem with UC and ESA. Last year I foolishly thought I was well enough to work so I signed off ESA and went to work, I lasted less than a month due to seizures and fatigue. When I went back to the jobcentre to claim ESA again as a rapid reclaim they put me on UC and didn’t tell me the process had changed so for about six months I was told I needed to work and for about a year now u have been handing in sicknotes to DWP and waiting for my form to be processed. Overall year later and I’m still waiting for a work capability assessment. To make matters worse I think I’ve been misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia and have ms which needs addressing with my GP when I can finally get to see them. Rant over! Lol

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