Early day motion: work capability assessment

This is interesting:


Pat x

Another clear example of why nobody with a conscience votes Conservative. I thought the wording of this Labour motion was worth reproducing, as the facts are truly shocking.

“That this House deplores that thousands of sick and disabled constituents are experiencing immense hardship after being deprived of benefits following a work capability assessment carried out by Atos Healthcare under a 100 million a year contract; notes that 40 per cent of appeals are successful but people wait up to six months for them to be heard; deplores that last year 1,100 claimants died while under compulsory work-related activity for benefit and that a number of those found fit for work and left without income have committed or attempted suicide; condemns the International Paralympic Committee’s promotion of Atos as its top sponsor and the sponsorship of the Olympics by Dow Chemical and other corporations responsible for causing death and disability; welcomes the actions taken by disabled people, carers, bereaved relatives and organisations to end this brutality and uphold entitlement to benefits; and applauds the British Medical Association call for the work capability assessment to end immediately and to be replaced with a system that does not cause harm to some of the most vulnerable people in society.”

Pity the Government doesn’t treat their speculator friends in the City with the same degree of contempt.

Thanks Whammel, it is worth repeating.

Pat x

they are hell bent on getting us off benefits pat, by any means it seems. its really starting to depress me all this uncertainty, along with many others by the look of it.


Thanks for posting this, although it’s truely shocking and quite frightening. I so sad that people have commited suicide because of it. Where I wonder are the newspaper articles about it ? ( I already know the answer sadly )