Oooh Atos are on the naughty step!

Hahahahaha… read this:

Pat x

But ATOS are still denying any wrong doing and there’s no mention of any action being taken against them by the DWP so a bit of a non story really.

Yet they are to preside over PIPS. It seems that the coalition don’t read any of these stories, to think I once stood for council for the LIb Dems! I am utterly bewildered and defeated by the way disabled people are being treated. Think I’ll go and eat worms!!

I would rather see them on the gallows


Isn’t it funny that when an Atos assessment gets a C grade it means the paperwork is inadequate yet they are allowed to continue in charge of the assessments when 41% are C grade?

If a school gets an unsatisfactory Ofsted report, they are put in special measures and if they don’t improve within a certain time then County can appoint a whole new Senior Management Team and the whole governing body could be replaced too. Effectively the existing management are out of a job.

Odd that the same standards don’t apply to a company whose sole remit is to save the government from paying out benefits …


While Atos are truly dreadful, it’s the policy that stinks.

I discussed them with our local lib dem mp and he also shook his head as his own brother who has hemiplegia was told he could work full time on the building site. They also contested and he can’t work at all. As my union rep told me, they are a joke. How do they remain instated? Anyone else half as incompetent would have their jobs terminated.

Hi Folks

I think you’ll find it’s all about saving money and appeasing the masses who are lead to belive that the disabled are scroungers it’s not about being fair . You wait, the economy will somehow miraculouly pick up just before the next election, I’ve been around too long to be duped by politicians.

Wendy x

Oh I really hope the masses can see through it at election time. The trouble is Labour now seem to by saying they will be keeping some of their policies …

How the hell do we choose between them all? They all tell big fat porkers to get into office …


You can’t choose between them… they’re all the bloody same.

Ever read ‘Animal Farm’? In the last chapter the pigs (rulers) are sitting down with the farmers (who all the animals rebelled against) and you can’t see the difference between the pigs and the farmers…

Ha! George Orwell had great insight (even though he was writing about Soviet Union… it’s the same here now… they are all the same).

Pat x

Very long time since I last read “Animal Farm”, but I think us MSers have parallels with “Boxer” and possibly share a similar fate thanks to this Government.

We need Eric Blair today.

I quite agree with the last few comments; I think we need a new real left of centre party, anyone offering?

Wendy x

I thought I would throw in a positive post about my experience with Atos last year.

When I worked for the NHS Atos were asked to provide 3 assessments of me in order for them to prepare a report and send it to my employers for them to decide whether to offer me ill health retirement at the age of 52. This involved Atos talking to my GP, Neuro etc.

They carried out the 3 assessments over the telephone as all three drs who assessed me said that they wanted to keep the assessment process as stress free as possible for me as they know a face to face assessment would be far more stressful for me.

They were really supportive right up until I left last year.

This is my only experience of Atos so hopefully it will carry on when they are involved with PIP assessments. Fingers crossed.

Shazzie x

Whammel, a few years ago my sister and I were browsing through books in a big charity shop in Highbury. My sister picked up an old copy of Milton’s Paradise Lost, and written in small, neat handwriting in the front was the name ‘Eric Blair’… and the year which I think is 1942.

When we googled him we found that he was living in that area at that time. God only knows where the book had been in the meantime.

Naturally she bought it and now has a little bit of Orwell.

Pat x

Nice story Pat and you definitely have my vote now.