Woof woof!

bit pricey!maybe i should one on my santa list…



just remember to take it off when u go for a bath…

i wore a onesie for first time on fri night-going for a pee is challenging!

ellie x

All I can say about onesies is they will do the world of good to slow up the baby boom!! A right turn off I reckon.

The dog looks good though!! Lol!

Shazzie x

Hope they do more tests on it - be interesting to see how well it does for muscle pain. And of course how much they can get the price down. TENS machines are very cheap to buy now - compared with a few years ago. And - how tight is it - would it be difficult for most of us to get into and out of [in a emergency]. lf you need a wee - and have to take your arms and body out of it first - you will get chilly.

Like the idea of wearing it about the house during the day - ls it washable?

At £5000 - it will not be on my wish-list.

i’ve been wearing long johns for a week now and love them so much i’ve bought 3 pairs.

today i walked past the freezer aisle in asda and my legs didnt hurt!

asda long johns were £6

carole x

Just like Carole, I ware long johns and they are FAB !!! So warm and toasty. Will say this though, they are a passion killer. I look like spiderman in mine.