Free Slippers!!

So… my feet are so fuzzy… that I feel like Im wearing a big pair of fluffy slippers… they feel furry when I wiggle my toes…

…now if only they kept my feet warm!!!

Anyone else got this odd feeling lol

Hi, I get that kind of feeling when lying on my back…which is most of the time, as my shoulders hurt. It`s horrible!

luv Pollx

that sounds very like the boxing gloves that i wear all day every day.

loads of fun peeling veg and smashing plates!

carole x

I have fuzzy feet and it also feels like my socks caught between my toes which is really annoying. Lost count of the times I have tried to free my sock and realised its not there! Creeping up my legs and making my knee buckle too :frowning:

HAHAAAAA Julesak… your post made me shout OMG and LOL…

I have that EXACT same problem with the socks betweent the toes! Or sometimes it feels like one toe is on top of the other and Im trying to uncross them, but when I look, theyre not even touching haha!

Similar but more embarassing oe of late, is feeling like I have a wedgy LOL!!!

Oh great something to look forward too then…lol

Just had my legs waxed and felt not a thing!! Knew there must be benefits to this MS lark :slight_smile: Julia x


I don’t have fluffy slippers just cold wet socks…that aren’t really there! But I have some fuzzy, fluffy gloves if you want to swap? pp x

Mrsp might swap for her wedgie!

Lol, I think I may pass on that swap, but thanks for the kind offer! ppx

LOL - Im becoming quite acustomed to the wedgie :smiley: lol plus I already have some fur lined thick leathery gloves on… so furry ones on top would just mean disaster!