do anyone's feet feel like they're 'twisting'?

for the last few months, i’ve found that i can be sitting, curled up on the sofa, normally my best bet for comfort, but it feels like my foot is both twisted and squashed. i can see that the it isn’t, i can even move the affected foot in the opposite direction to the one it feels like it’s twisting in using my hands, but nothing stops the sensation. it’s slightly lessened when i walk around a little, but it’s only while i walk and i can’t do that for more than a few minutes because my legs just won’t co-operate for any longer. i know that in the greater scheme of things that it’s not a major symptom, but when it’s happening, like it is now, it’s really hard to ignore, and nothing will stop it. if i hold my foot in the opposite direction for any length of time my foot goes into cramp, which hurts like hell! i don’t know who i read the post from, but as they said: ms is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t that the truth.

any suggestions would be REALLY gratefully received, thanks for reading.

wendy x

I can’t offer any help but understand the oddness that can go on with feet - I sometimes can’t even point the toes on one foot, and they are both different temps and one cramps if I move it a certain way!

I have had a magnesium foot bath - the magnesium spray I use on my legs to help with spasticity, with one purchase there was a sachet of magnesium foot soak, that might help? The brand is Better You and I guess you can buy that soak on it’s own

Sonia x

I have a feeling when I’m swimming with work that im all twisted like a banana in the pool I get embarrassed by it don’t know if it’s just a feeling or really happening!

i understand the odd feelings but can’t offer any advice.

make sure you are alone and the windows are closed, then have a good swear at your ms!

carole x

thank you, i’ll get my daughter to look out for the spray and soak. yes, it’s very odd indeed, what with twisting and cramping!

wendy x

thanks em3a and carole, i understand the ‘twisted like a banana’ thing, i sometimes wake up and can’t tell where my legs are in relation to my torso, they just feel like they’re somehow wrong?! as for the idea of swearing… prior to ms rearing its VERY ugly head, i rarely swore, the same is no longer true, to put it mildly. i’m going to take the scientific viewpoint: studies have found that swearing quite dramatically increases the ability to cope with pain, both more pain and for longer.

at least that’s my excuse.

wendy xx

i used to have that in my fingers; feels kind of like the bones are corkscrewing from the inside out.

around the same time, if i were to wriggle the fingers, such as to gain some relief by ‘shaking it off’, the joints in the knuckles would feel as if they were swelling up to a point of stiffness.

however, of course this was all entirely peripheral neuropathic; there was no actual twisting and no actual stiffness. in fact as horrible as it sounds, it wasn’t so much a ‘pain’ as a mere ‘sensation’.

the fingers were also challenging as far as spatial awareness was concerned. without looking i would make a fist / splay out the fingers / make the vulcan hand etc… and those pesky digits were never where i thought they would be. made putting gloves on a REAL challenge!

but i tried my best to just consider myself lucky; exercised my mind over (white) matter, and decided it wasn’t going to bother me.

good luck with your feet!

I get this…also feel like my bones are trying to push through the bottom of my feet as if the bones are too big for legs.

Horrible sensations !