Floppy toes

Afternoon all :slight_smile:

Has anyone else lost muscle tone in their toes? I’ve worn boots for weeks as I’ve not been training, put trainers on today and realised how floppy my toes are when walking. They almost feel like they’re not there, but at the same time they ace from being ‘forced’ to move.

Hi, floppy toes are part of my floppy feet!

I am awaiting a physio to see what orthosis might help. Perhaps a referral to physio may help you.


Hopefully. I love my boots but I get sick of wearing them. They don’t actually flop about when I’m barefoot, they have spasmed a lot lately though.

I sometimes get toe spasms when in bed. They try to pull away from the rest and it is horrible.


It is. I’m glad I have so little sensation in them, so it’s more uncomfortable than painful. Muscle relaxants help me :slight_smile: How are you in general today?x

Thanks for asking Mrs C. I am doing better than of late hun.

I think the pregabalin are helping a tad, with the heel pains.


:slight_smile: I read a comment on here that sums it up… we live with abnormal normality x

Not floppy but 1 is numb totally abd a couple of others keep locking in spasms Axx

Walking boots to the rescue. My toes don’t flex as much so no wanting to chop them off :slight_smile: