foot flop revelation

Hi all, I`ve had foot drop for eons, it seems, like many of you here.

I also suffer greatly from sore heels in bed. they just do not like touching anything! I have a stout pillow under my legs which allows the heels to suspend…if you get what I mean.

For quite a few months, I`ve had a painful left thigh muscle. I put this down to the feet not just flopping forward, but sideways as well…pulling my leg out.

It aches when in bed, in my recliner and sometimes in the wheelie. Hubby made me a hardbacked cushion, which I sometimes use to wedge my thigh straight.

But when I take it away, it hurts me…I know…cant do right for doing chuffin` wrong, innit?

Had a physio come last week and she told me it`s because my hips are rotating out, due to rubbish muscles…hmm.

I am seeing about some splints on 5th March. These will pull my feet in but will they correct my hips?

More questions for the professionals methinks.

Anyone got similar problems?

luv Polx

Oooh! Polly - l can imagine the discomfort you are in. Can you get a physio to give you some deep tissue massage - like they do for sportsmen/ladies to correct muscles. OR perhaps get a osteopath to come to the house - as you can hoist yourself onto your bed. l have always found osteopathy really effective. lts worth ringing around and finding one who is prepared to help. At least you would have tried.

l know you tried hydrotherapy in the past - but it became very difficult for you - getting into and out of a cozzy.

l am taking my new pup to doggyhydro - as she had a hip-op when she was 6weeks old. lts work well for her - and l would love to get into the warm water - down the ramp - with the jets on. Little Bliss - gets showered and dried off afterwards and a tasty treat.

l have said l would like to get in - but they haven’t taken me seriously!!! - l can ignore the dog-hair floating on the top.

Oh - to be comfortable when sitting or lying down. Like you - l have tried making different shaped pillows to support legs - raise feet etc. So l do know the problem.

l do have reservations when it comes to splints - as they do prevent the muscles from working - and the last thing you want is more muscle wastage.

l shall be away for at least a week - as l am, at last, getting my new knee. Not looking forward to the actual op - but have to look forward in the hope that with plenty of exercise/physio l shall be more mobile. Ever the optimist.

love Francesx

Frances, I hope all goes well with your new knee op. My sister who is about to be 50 has been told she will need a new knee in a few years time. She has just had an op to give her a bit more time!! Good luck with the surgery… Linda x

Hi F, when is the knee op scheduled for? I wish you all the best and i just know you`ll bounce back to us!

Do you know, you are just like one of your Rotties…tenacious, determined and strongwilled.

The splints are to hold my feet up and stop them flopping forwards and sideways. As I no longer walk or stand, I cant see they`ll harm my muscles…or are you thinking differently hun?

luv Pollx

Trying to think slightly out of the box. When I had an MRI scan of my ankles my foot was cradled although my heel was uncovered. Although it was a soft contraption it was relatively heavy and did not move at all even when I became a fidget. Don’t know whether something like this would help you Poll. Just a thought. My damaged ankle has in turn put extra strain on my knee so we fix one thing and something else goes wrong!

Hi Dinks, thanks fo your repl.

So this thing you mention…I take it, it is usd in an mri mchine. Do you know what it is called?

luv Polx

Hi Poll

No idea what it is called. Bet a physio or OT would know. Thought it was brilliant because it cradled my poor old foot without any discomfort and the heel was free. My foot was in there for about 40 minutes. Considering my foot/ankle is really swollen (detached liagments/tendons) it was so supportive. Worth a question of the OT. I will ask too when I get my next appointment.

ok ta hun.

See the orthotist on Wed. Seen some soft looking night spints for ankle/foot on-line. They look right and cost £46 each. Hope I can get something similar.