Drop foot?

Has anyone had this?

I stretched upon waking, tops of feet, ankles & shins very tight and sore. Toes drag a bit without shoes, not as much with shoes but more pain with shoes on.

Never had this before and it wasn’t there last night, whatever it is.

Hi, yeh, foot flop causes me problems, even tho` I dont walk anymore!

Physio will help…with devices to hold foot up.

I am awaiting mine.


Thank you. Walking on tiptoes removes almost all the pain so I’m doing that, Haha x

I had that once, so I bought FES is about £900.00 but it did the job & drop foot gone, thank good. Rahma

I can’t figure out what the problem is. It’s eased as the infection has started to subside, still some pain when I move my foot towards body and adopting a steppage gait feels comfortable, but my toes aren’t dragging and foot hasn’t dropped.

So sorry, MrsChicca, but would really appreciate your help.

What are your issues right now?

(…for example - there was no mention of any infection until your last post !)

As far as I’m aware drop-foot means you don’t have the muscle strength or control to position the foot correctly (…or at very least the relevant signal from the brain just doesn’t get all the way to the foot), so standing on tip-toes is almost impossible with this issue.

Look forward to your kind advice!


I’ve mentioned it in previous posts on here, just not this one. Since infection kicked in, I’ve been unable to lift feet towards body (physio said that’s called dorsiflex?) due to pain, which can be a problem with drop foot. But my foot hasn’t dropped so maybe nerve damage. I don’t know as it’s only recently that I’ve had symptoms other than paresthesia and fatigue.

Hope that helps?