Foot Drop

Hi everyone

Haven’t been on the forum for a while cause I have been computerless!!! Back now though!!

I have suffered with foot drop for about a year now but with no pain. Oover the last couple of weeks it has become very painful when it drops.

Just wondered how many of us that get foot drop has pain when this happens.

Take care of yourselves.

Shazzie xx

Hi shazzie, I have foot drop and have had for years but I have never suffered any pain with it. Cheryl:)

Thanks for replying Cheryl.

I thought it was weird that I have only just started getting pain. I’m wondering now whether I have hurt it when I tripped.

Oh well wait and see I suppose.

Thanks again Cherly for replying.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Fortunately, I don’t experience pain with dropped foot, but can suggest a couple of useful gadgets that help lift the foot.

Fes -

Foot up - Össur. Life Without Limitations.

This may be a stupid question but what do you define as dropped foot?

Most grateful for any replies.

Janet x

Listen to me,

Dropped foot.

No problemo, Depending how bad your dropped foot is,“Help is there” There is a plethora of aids that can be tailor made to help you. The plus side is that they can help you to stop tripping up as much. First stop your MS nurse or doc.

I have dropped foot. It has been with me for years. I have C.M.T along with MS and have used Dynamic leg splints in the begining. That was 15 years ago. Now there are some fantastic aids out there, much better!!!

Kind regards to you all,


Thank you very much Mel for explaining what exactly drop foot is. I do have trouble with my feet, they are numb and I often trip or miss a step and when I stand with bare feet they hurt like mad. From your discription I haven’t got drop foot. So once again thank you for taking the time to explain. Janet x

l have one useless leg/ankle/foot - lt justs hangs there - l can’t lift the knee or move the foot or toes. Makes putting socks and shoes on very difficult. Over the years l have tried different splints/FES but for me the best thing has been a SAFO.

Just google it for more info. lt is important to exercise as much as possible to keep the muscles/nerves alive. A neurophysiotherapist will help with this. Get your GP to refer you. l have a eliptical trainer / healthrider/ and a powerplate machine to try to keep me fit as l can not walk without hanging on to the furniture. When l am on the eliptical trainer -striding away - l feel - and look - as if there is nothing wrong with me. lt holds me in a good upright position - well balanced- and l can stride away [whilst watching tv] and afterwards l get a lovely feeling of achievement. The ‘feel good factor’ - because l am worth it.