invisable socks

Bit of a weird one but thought it might help someone. I have trouble keeping my feet and toes warm even in summer, so flip flops are a no for me. I recently found some socks called invisable socks. Basically they just go on your toes and around your heel and I can wear summery shoes and keep warm. I reckon these might have been around awhile and I just haven’t been upto sshopping much recently but thought I’d post just in case. Xx

Hi Zoe,

Yeah, they’re like pop socks, but really shallow, yeah? Or are these more substantial, if they keep you warm?

I’ve always hated going without socks or stockings, anyway, as bare feet straight into my shoes makes them go all sweaty (my feet AND the shoes). I don’t find it at all comfortable, and it damages the lining of the shoe in due course, too.

When I first read your post title, I thought you were going to be complaining about a new symptom, because I’ve often had the sensation of “invisible” clothes on me - socks, boots, gloves, whatever. Or sometimes it was just a hair - kept feeling a hair brush me, that wasn’t there. And one time it was cling-film. Invisible cling-film, that is. I could feel it very lightly resist, when I tried to uncurl my fingers. But when I looked at my hands, there was no cling-film, or anything like it, touching them.

So I thought “invisible socks” was a new one for the catalogue of invisible MS things, felt about the body.