what a relief!

Afternoon all. Please excuse my play on words with my post`s title

Tomorrow a district nurse is coming to see me, as I am having some pressure problems in bed. For months I had a pain in my heels and they were red. My carer (ex nurse) keeps an eye on them and applies various creams to combat the threat of pressure sores. I recently bought a pair of lambswool heel protectors. I have used them several times, but they are warm…too warm and they come off. If the velcro straps are tightened, they dig in causing further problems.

When I was in the hospice for respite last month, my bed had an air circulation mattress, which helped a great deal. But it was so noisy and disturbed my sleep.I also get pressure pain in my shoulder blades and lower back.

I have looked at pressure relief mattresses on e bay. They start at £100. If nursey says I can only have an air mattress, I will end up buying the one from e bay. Anyone bought any of these, Please?

luv Pollx

do you know what make of matress it was in the hospice poll? i used to look after someone who had a nimbus 3 matress and that wasnt noisey. it was supplied and serviced by the nhs.


Hi, no I dont. Ill speak to my nurse about it tomorrow.

Thanks hun.

luv Pollx

your welcome lass x