floating on air

Evening all. Well, how`s that for service! My air mattress came this morning…only asked for it Tues/Wed. Brilliant those district nurses eh?

Cant wait for bedtime.............not long now................Ill report back tomorrow and tell you how it went. Nite nite.

luv Pollx

Nighty night darlin’. Bet it’s comfy and hope it helps with the pressure prob’s,

Pat xx

Hi Poll,

Your air mattress, did you get it from the social, if not where from. Hope you don’t mind me asking as every morning I wake up in terrible pain and was thinking of buying a tempur mattress.

Hope you have a jolly good sleep.



Hi Poll

Hope you are fully refreshed from a good nights sleep.

Happy for you yes yes ;-))))) Mary

Hi janet, don`t mind you asking at all hun.

Yes i got it via district nurses. My carer (an ex nurse) was concerned about the appearance of my heels and I had so much pain in them. I bought some sheepskin heel protectors, but the only helped a very short while.

Looking on line, the cost of this high risk pressure relief air mattress is about £1,000!

maybe start with an OT, eh?

luv Pollx

Thanks Mary, I gotta get a bit more used to the mattress,but i do like it.

luv Pollx

Hi Pat. first night was ok…gotta get used to the mattress a bit more yet.

luv Pollx

hiya poll

so pleased for you.

perhaps you can enter the 2016 olympics sleeping team!

carole x