Chillow Pillow

Wow! What more can I say. I bought one for me and my dad (he has had a knee replacement). Only got them today so set mine up. I am laying on it as I type and am totally in love with it! Normally I would have the fan on in my face making an awful noise. I would love my matress to be all chillow! If you don’t have one, treat yourself. Dawn x

Hi Dawn, we are off on holiday to Italy in 1 and half weeks, someone else was talking about this on here so my daughter Rachael ordered herself one today, hope it comes in time as she like you has a fan on while in bed. She also bought a fan with a water bottle attached for during the day while away. Weather looks like it will be in the 30’s so she will really need it. Glad it works as was a little sceptical. Linda x

Hi Linda, hope it comes in time for her. Make sure you don’t set it up before you go as it weighs a bit when the water is in it for your suitcase allowance. On coming home you may find you have to squeeze it out. Hope you all have a fab time! Give Rachel my best. Dawn x

I think I may invest in one of these. I get awfully hot in bed esp in this humid weather we seem to be getting, then I get restless then frustrated then I don’t sleep. This coukd be the answer as I can never find a cold side to my pillow. Have a great holiday Linda and Rachel xx

All too often when you come across these things they fail to live up to expectations. Not so with the Chillow, they really do work.

I recently bought a gel pad because they are lighter and more transportable. It had good reviews at Amazon but what a disappointment. It only stays cool about 20 minutes and then it’s back to body temp. It’s nice and easy to pop in the fridge so it gave an instant cool in the heat wave but it didn’t last very long and I was soon back to overheated. I think 2 would be better so you could keep swapping them about. They are much cheaper than Chillows though so 2 would be affordable.