body pillow

i sent for a 9 foot body pillow and tried it last night.

it was comfy but got too hot so took it downstairs and woke up with my cup of tea spilled all over me.

going to try it again later.

my body isn’t 9 foot long! you are supposed to wrap it round your painful bits.

now where to start?

c x

I’d never heard of such a thing. Just looked it up, I can imagine in hot weather it might be too warm. I’m also thinking that while it might be really comfy, it would be beyond difficult to get out of (for me). I’m just imagining myself fighting with it and being in trouble with Mr Sssue and the cat for waking everyone up!


I sent for one of these once and it cost a lot of money…My physio said it was an expensive bean bag. I was trying to get an OT to fund it for me. It had a science behind it`s cost, which would draw the heat away from your body.

But if you can turn yourself over, which I can, it would be difficult…like being in a web I imagine. Anyway, it got sent back.


i’m beginning to think it was a mistake!

my son loves it though he sleeps face down!

going to keep on trying because i can never get comfortable in bed.

maybe sleeping in the daytime when there’s more room in my bed for me and my big pillow?

c x

Are you still in the marital bed or have you got your own? Mine is hospital type…not nice to look at but very practical. It has rails and I pull myself this way and that and put the leg rest and head rest up and down several times in a night.

When I get on my side, I put a cushion in between my knees, to stop pressure.


still in the double bed.

i seem to fidget all night long which drives hubby mad.

i really thought this pillow would be the answer to my dreams.

will give it a serious try tomorrow when i have the bed to myself.

frank and billy are off to llandudno working.

c x

I hope they have time to dip a toe in at West Beach. One of my favourite places and the outside cafe is amazing overlooking the sea.

Anyway, I improvised with the pillow thing and bought some small quite toughly stuffed cushion thingies, I think they are the ones people put on sofas, slightly rectangular in shape, I use those at night then just pull one out from wherever and launch it onto the floor if it gets too hot or uncomfortable. From the place where you want to spend a tenner then find out you’ve spent a lot more, Dunelm Mill.