going back to bed

Well, I`ve been up for 5 hours and I have to return to bed! Sitting in my wheelie squashes my tum and spc.

I am in my recliner and it`s not comfortable! I am awaiting a bespoke made new one. The OT said it could take 3-6 months as the funding is tight…fair dos, I suppose.

This chair`s seat isnt made with pressure care in mind. I have put a foam pad and a soft throw over the seat, but my botty is unhappy!

About an hour or so ago, I told hubby I was thinking of returning to bed and he said,Have you rungem to get if fixed? I claimed ignorance that it needed fixing. He said he told me a few days ago that the pump switch for the air mattress is faulty. I cant chuffin remember him telling me!

So when he said I couldnt go to bed as the mattress is flat, I rang stores and said I had an urgent problem and I coulnt go to bed!

Well an engineer arrived 10 mins ago and fixed the problem. He said the plug is showing signs of wear…is he ordering a new one? I dunno.

Seems my mind/memory isnt working well right now. Perchance tis the fault of my current infection, eh?

Nite nite all…yeh, I know it`s only 2pm!

I wanna sleep through winter, come out with a 3 stone loss and a beautifully working and happy spc!


Night night Poll,

I hope you are a bit more comfy now with a happy botty. Sleeping through the winter sounds good to me. So shift over - I may join you especially I get a 3 stone weight loss too.

Take care hun and fingers crossed for an early recliner

JBK xx

Night Poll

I seem to have entered hibernation mode too but I don’t have as much reason as you. I’ve only done two full weeks at work and I’m already sleeping too long after my afternoon naps.

It doesn’t help that it’s been quite chilly and the central heating has gone wrong. The boiler is merrily burning gas but the rads are cold. The shower is cold too and, guess what, the plumber is on holiday. How dare he?

Hedgehogs come out of hibernation a good deal slimmer so I don’t see why that wouldn’t work for you :wink:

Hope calmer times are headed your way, you’ve had your fair share of turbulence for a while now, Poll

Tracey xx

I know exactly how you feel Poll. I have been needing an afternoon nap every day for the past few weeks Lovely!!! I am not getting any lighter though, unfortunately.

Sweet dreams.

Shazzie xx

Oh Poll Sending you hugs You are certainly having a tough time at the moment.

Thanks all.

Determined I would get up and STAY up till after tea today.

Had a look at my wound and it is still yeuky and sore looking. Carer has cleaned and washed it for me and it had a new clean dressing.

Nurse coming Monday to check it. On the anti-b`s, so it should be better soon.

Ive hung 2 lots of washing out, tidied some drawers and organised my medical supplies. Thats enough for 1 day, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi, Do you know how much your new riser is costing? I’ve got a riser/recliner that I’m now having problems getting out of, plus if I sit on it for over an hour my bum starts going numb! I’m thinking of treating myself to a bespoke riser/recliner with my inheritance as I don’t qualify for any financial help. Received a brochure from a company called Willowbrook today that looks tempting. Heather

Wow Poll

I think you’ve achieved more than me today! I’ve been into town with my son which involved a 10 minute walk, hung some washing and have collapsed since. Trying to motivate myself to tidy the living room but I’m worn out and a lazy day seems so much more attractive.

Hope your wound looks and feels better soon.

Tracey x

Hi Poll Hope you had a good nights sleep and today is a bit brighter for you. It has been a tough time for you lately. Fingers crossed the spc settles soon. Big hugs Mish x PS if losing the three stone works can you tell us the secret : )

Hi Poll

Sorry to hear this, do hope things are better for you today, and hope your spc settles down for you. Hopefully the anti biotics will sort it out.

Sending you somevirtual hugs (((((((hugs)))))

Pam x

Hi Heather, my new recliner will be around 3k, I think…maybe a bit less. It`ll be months before I see it.

It will have specialised pressure care seating. Sounds like you could do with the same.

These chairs are ordered by an OT and they aren`t means tested at all. Your own finances dont come into it, as it isnt a disabled facilities job. They do have to be means tested, so maybe you could get one the same way as me, eh?

luv Pollx

I know Tracey, it`s a chuff when the mind is willing, but the body is weak!

But dont overdo things, or you will end up worse off.

Be kind to yourself.

luv Pollx

Hi Mish, thankyou for your kind words hun.

Today finds me in a good mindset. Spc is still ulcerated, but nurse will check it tomorrow.

I am following slimming world diet, but dont go to classes, as I cant get on the scales. I have too much flab around my wound, so I dont want to add to it!

luv Pollx

Thankyou Pam, youre always there with a kind word or two for me. Youre a good buddy!

luv Pollx