going back to bed


Oh my bladder, side and private bit are having spasms. Ooh it`s not nice…going to bed to take pressure off sitting and remove undies.

I think I`m having more discomfort from my spc than when it was new.

Maybe I`ll take an extra baclofen.

luv Pollx

Sorry to hear that Poll. I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself hun Hugs xx

Oh no, that sounds awful for you, hope you feel better soon xx

Awww poll I hope the spasms subside soon… I know what those beggers feel like Take care Xx

Ooh Poll, I hope you get some relief from spasms in your nice comfy bed. Take care Luv Linda xx

I hope you feel better soon Polly, x

Can’t fault you Poll. Take it easy x

Ouchy Poll, Feel for you!!! Hope its easing by now!!!

Feel better soon and take care

Kate x x

Hope you feel better soon.Anne x x

Hi pals.

Ta lots for your kind support.

I was uncomfortable until about 6 ish when I `went``.

It seems when there is anything in my bowels, it causes a stinging and spasms in my lower regions.

Same thing this morning, until I went again.

The pain is like ones I used to get at the back of my thighs and botty cheeks, eons ago. Amitriptyline put a stop to them. I have been on 75mg a night, but Im trying to grin and bear it until 16th Sept when I see my new neuro........neuro no. 15! Shes a Polish lady, so let`s see if she can do me any good…my questionable diagnosis will be a challenge for her.

luv Pollx

Good luck with it, that pain sounds awful. Amitrip does seem to help me quite a bit, Neuro says it’s adding to my constipation problems and advised cutting down on dosage and introduced Gabapentin to help with burning pain too, it’s not that satisfactory so far. I hope you get some good advice.

Wendy x

Hi Wendy, that`s interesting! I was intending to ask neuro about gabapentin.

Even thoI take movicols and eat a high fibre diet with prune juice and lots of water, I still getstuck` sometimes.

When someone has an spc, it is strongly advised not to get constipated.

But its like a vicious circle...immobility causes bowel/bladder problems..............add an spc............ any slight constipation causes pain and spasms.........get the bowels moving...........alls well…then they seize up…take extra movicol…and back again! Never knew about amitriptyline being a cause of constipation…been on it for 13 years now.

Roll on 16th when I see my new neuro.


I take a tablespoon full of linseeds followed by a litre of water, after porridge in the morning and that does seem to have helped with getting enough fibre, I still need Movical though. I hope appointment with neuro helps some.

take care, Wendy x

Ta Wendy.


Glad you feeling better, I have recently been in a neuro-rehab @ st marys hospital leeds, not sure if you have something similar in fax?

Anyway the impact a full bowel has on spasms etc is huge , so without going into too much detail I now take meds to become more regular, in turn aiding bladder and spasms.

Sure you’ve looked into this but if not it may help