Chillax pad

Morning all!

Hubbys brought me a Chillax Pillow today. Its more of a pad than a pillow.

I saw it advertised on tv…a JML product.

I woke at 4am today, as it was so hot.

I also get several hot episodes in the evening and sometimes in the day.

But Im using it when in bed for tonight and Ill let you know if it is any good.

Only a tenner, so no great loss, if its rubbish, but heres hoping!


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I used to have a couple of Chillows which sound very similar. They were BRILLIANT. Pity is that they went missing in one of the 2 house moves I have had since. Bum! (They are probably in one of the unopened boxes in the loft or the cellar - places which are fantasy lands like Narnia to me these days :frowning: )

Nah, thought it was useless.

Hubby says it took as much heat from me as possible, but I was still hot.

Lost a tenner!


my chillow was fab at keeping me cool for one night only because it burst!

i thought i’d peed in bed (horror) but it was just my burst chillow.

This one has a thick gel…not seen it, but can feel it.


i have had a few chillows they were very good,you can not get them anymore because of all the chinese fake ones on ebay which are just rubbish,shame as they were really good at cooling you down.I went on there site and it tells you they stopped trading because of the fakes.