Anyone tried a latex pillow for hot head at night?

Hi all, I’ve got a Chillow but actually find it very uncomfortable to sleep on (even inside pillow case) and also after a whle it gets hotter than ever.

I’ve seen ad’s for latex pillows. Apparently the naturally ‘breath’ so stay cooler. An Italian company called Neoplano make one but £29.99 on Amazon!

Anyone use one?

I don’t want to pay that out just to experiment… although the reviews are very good but no one actually mentions that they are cooler.

Pat x (that’s my head getting to boiling point every night)

I got a latex pillow recently. I hadn’t noticed that it was cooler but its not a problem I have, one thing I will say though is that I use one and I find it too high, it hurts my neck! I paid £50 for mine and I’m kind of regretting it. The man in the shop said it will never lose its shape so its not likely to go flatter either!

Thanks Amylou… it’s a lot of money to try something out. Don’t think I’ll bother.

Pat x