Too Hot in Bed


I'm very heat sensitive and find that if I stay in bed for more than about 4 hours, I overheat and then can't get up as my muscles have turned to jelly. I'm going through loads of Tena pads as I usually wake up needing a wee. By the time I've cooled down enough to move, it's too late.

I keep the bedroom windows open, have a ceiling fan on all night and have just bought a tower fan which I keep at the side of the bed to blast me with cool air when I'm too hot, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to avoid getting too hot in the first place.

Thanks in advance,



Like yourself I am v. heat sensitive.  I got cooling pillows and bedding - think I got them on the High St but am sure there will be loads more options on-line... Also got rid of memory foam mattress as this doesn't allow air to circulate so well. 

Hope that helps,  Best to get as much in place now, just in case it's a warm summer!!!


A waterbed is brilliant for keeping you cool as with no heater on it stays cool in summer and you can have it warm in the winter.

With maximum mats in they can be as hard as a normal mattress.

Physios can also access special mattress covers that are like a mesh to keep heat circulating away from you.We use them at work with people who have parkinsonsand they are good.


Hiya Heather

Read this cos I thought that you were bragging and thought maybe I could get some tips!!! blush

You have had some good advice already-cant add to it-sorry!

Ellie x


I got a 'Chillow' a few of years ago, from e-bay and it's brilliant.  You just put some water in it (you measure it and it's not loads) and it stays cool for most of the night.  I need to top the water up every spring and it springs to life again.

It's only thin so you just put it in your pillow case on top of your normal pillow.




The chillow sounds fab, must get one, I use and find VERY helpful , the migraine cooling strips, non branded versions from pound stretcher @ 1.99 are great, I use them on forehead and/or back of neck, the cooling effect is up to 8 hours and I find using them overnight is a godsend for heat probs!

I have two chillows - overheating starts and then I overheat the chillow, so have to swap! The only trouble is that they're rather heavy. I put them in pillow cases so that I can just grab a corner and pull.

They're quite expensive, but well worth it imo.

If you're ordering online, don't forget to mention that you heard of them via the MS Society (so that the MSS gets some more advertising revenue :>).

Lolli xx