Fatigue & Central Heating


I’m very heat sensitive and struggle to walk due to fatigue when it’s 20C or over. However, I’ve noticed recently that since we’ve put the central heating on that I’m suffering more inside. I have the heating on low-ish, but if I get chilly and put a cardigan or long sleeved top on, then I overheat and start struggling. I’m cancelling appointments left, right and centre because by dressing for the weather I don’t have the energy to leave the house. I don’t want to sit shivvering but it’s starting to look like that’s the only way I can get anything done.

Is anyone else like this or does anyone have any advice on how to cope. My husband doesn’t mind me keeping the house cooler but we have two young boys and obviously need to keep the house warm when they’re around.



Never tried one and dont know how they work but I have come across something called a cool vest which I imagine allows you to experience and fuction at a different temperature from your boys.

There are various bits of clothing you can get that will help to keep you cool (google cool vests and FRIO). The other option is to try and keep one or two rooms in the house with no heating so you can go there to cool off whenever you need to. If you can afford it, having air con is brilliant, but you could use fans instead. Stick a lock on the door and strip off too!

Karen x

Hi Heather

I suffer too. I usually go to my dad’s once a week and being elderly he likes the heating up high. I have learned to wear clothes that can be removed, leaving me with a cotton blouse and no bra and removing myself to another room where it’s cooler.

Sorry I cannot give you any more advice other than making everyone dress up warmer indoors, whilst you wear clothes that aren’t tight the cool vests are quite good.

I wonder if you are anywhere near menopause if you are then Black Cosh seems to help some.

Good luck with it all.