Central Heating

Hi, Since the heating went on, my heat fatigue has gone OTT! I quite happily turn the heating off when the boys have gone to school and open the front door. If I put a cardy on, I overheat regardless of how hot or cold it is in the room. There are times when I’m not sure if I’m hot or cold. It’s 19C in our lounge and I still need to put the fan on! There are times when I can pull myself to standing OK, but am then rooted to the spot, unable to lift my legs. My eldest is having to rescue me with the computer chair, which is on wheels, and ferry me to wherever I need to go. Anyone else hit like this? Heather

Hi Heather, I’m not affected by the heat like you, in fact I’m not really bothered if it’s hot or cold tbh. But I wanted to comment on you being ferried about on the computer chair. My husband and children do that to me too, when I don’t think my legs will carry me where I want to walk too. Cheryl:-)

Hello Heather, I can’t win either. If it’s hot I can’t move, if it’s cold I can’t bear it. The top half gets too hot while my legs freeze. I know, I’ll go round stripped to the waist with my long johns on! That would be a sight. Then there’s the others in the house. Let’s face it, it’s hopeless. Keep yourself busy and hit that computer chair-that’s class! Best wishes, Steve x

hi heather i left the heating on yesterday,when i got home my husband said he felt terrible all day,so am learning.allso if he sits for a while it takes time to get up,love to you christine x

i put the heating on yesterday and i love it when i start warming up after being frozen but at 2.20 am i had to get up because heat rises and upstairs was too hot.

so its back off now!!

saves on the gas bill eh?

carole x

My son is used to getting a blanket out as our thermostat is set at 18 and the heating only comes on when it goes below. Any warmer and I have to strip! My hands and feet are always cold but they feel better that way. I just have to be a bit careful with my feet so I don’t get chill blains as I can’t tell how cold they are due to the numb tingly feeling.

Hubby is otherway he is cold most time but has no weight extremely thin.Although gets very bad night sweats,Got problem with heating at momment but had adult social services in about house adaptions and hoping get heating sorted too with disabled house adaption grant xx julie.