Feeling cold

todaycold today I have been to work and in the office there is 2 other people and all they have gone on about is the office been to hot, the thing is I only had the heater on 1.5 to keep the chill out of the room, but they kept on having digs about it that I turned it of even though my legs felt like ice and they hurt so much that I had a job to stand up let alone move, I got quiet upset about it but I was not going to give them the satisfaction as one had already said he did not give a shit that I had a medical condition that he was uncomftable with the heat and he kept on having digs about it and making sligh comments to me, as far as I felt he was been a bully or am I just been over sensitive I don’t want to make trouble but do I bring it up to my boss.on Monday or just let it drop, the thing is it has made me feel sick and drained I don’t know what to do


I know what you mean, everyone around me say they are hot but my legs are always so, so cold. Now not knowing which sex you are may I suggest that if you are male wear long coms (not very attractive I know) but if you are female they have lovely woolly tights in the shops. In the evening I put a blanket around my legs to keep them warm.

Maybe you could ask your boss if you could sit right next to a radiator or some sort of heater, also wear two pairs of socks.

Hope this is of some help.

Janet x


I know exactly what this is like. I work in a large open planned office and everyone around me is always saying how hot they are. I on the other hand always seem cold… Work did buy me a little electric fan heater I can have under my desk but I always get under breath huffs and tutts aimed at me when I have it on!



Hey Tattybear, I know how you feel. I get really cold hands to the point that they become quite numb, making it difficult to write, which has been getting worse lately. I wear long johns all the time to keep the chill off my legs… If some one is bullying you then you have to speak to your boss! This guy seems to be a d#%k! If they don’t care if you have a medical problem! I hope things get better for you. Richie x

Some people have no idea how uncomfortable MS can be - what a t**t you work with! I think you should mention it to your boss (after all keeping warm in winter and also cool in summer could be seen as a reasonable adjustment for someone with MS) though it might make the atmosphere in the office worse…

How about microwaveable bags/pads or electric foot warmer under your desk? then you would only be warming yourself and not everyone else too.

Simple solution really. When I’m cold I bought a little electric throw (it’s like an electric blanket but more fleece like) and I throw it over my legs under my desk. That way I’m not enforcing high temperatures on anyone else but I’m still comfortable. I have a little desk fan for when I get too hot.

The guy you work with could have been nicer but I absolutely hate being over heated in work. I feel sleepy and sweaty and I’m not as able to concentrate. I hate when the office is stuffy.

I’d suggest getting something that will keep you warm without overheating people you work with. Or getting them little desk fans so they can keep cool while you stay warm.

I’d also suggest getting a wall thermometer for the office so that it’s easier to guage how hot it actually is. We have one here and it indicates when it’s too cold and the heating should be turned on but also when it’s too hot. Optimal temp for an office is 18 and 21 degrees.

If there is one thing that works people up more than any other in our office, then it is the temperature of the office! You could mention it to your boss, that your ms is affected by the cold. By tbh I don’t think there is a solution to this that is going to help much. If you are happy with the temperature then someone else won’t be, and someone who is always too hot or cold all the time is going to complain. I mean, my work and colleagues are great but if the office temperature was always regulated to me then I’m sure they would be less great. I’m sure they wouldn’t say “poor Cheryl, her ms makes her cold all the time, I don’t mind stewing in here as long as Cheryl is ok”. They would complain and make rude remarks. I agree that your colleagues could be more sensitive but I don’t know what you can do, other than finding yout own solution, like extra clothing, fleecy wrap, hot water bottle. I think this will come down to what you want most, the ability to control the temperature in the office as you wish and having your colleagues complaining at you all the time or just accepting the temperature as it is and not having your colleagues complaining about you. Cheryl:-)

Hi I have this problem at home I’m cold everyone else is melting with heat, to solve this I have wheat bags and a microwave in my bedroom so I can warm them whenever needed and I have a heated electric cushion/ foot warmer which I got from the internet a company called coopers I think it was £18 a fantastic thing with two heat settings and a blanket this way I keep warm and they don’t moan