Work and ms

Remove from favourites Like (0) Get email alertsQuotereply I work yet at the moment I feel as if at work at the moment they are trying to see how far they can push me I don’t know if its me but because I feel the cold in my feet there are people in the office moan about me having a little fan heater on they open windows so I just say nothing as it just seems like a loosing battle and there answer to it is to give me a blanket to wrap around my legs and this came from our HR saying they have to look at the view of others They come.into work with coughs and colds and things and not giving a thought to me Over the last few weeks we have had another woman who does the same as me away on a mobilisation of a new contract we have just won so I have had to cover her work as well as mine even though I only work 4 days and I have accounting deadlines to meet, And now our contract is now coming up for tender and there is now rumours that even if we win it again we will be given 6 months and they will make us apply for our own jobs as there will be cut backs

Can you compromise? How about instead of a fan, a heated blanket? I still work and people come into work with all sorts…tonsillitis just recently, but it doesn’t affect me. Sadly, people cannot afford to take time off for coughs and colds. Not their fault really. As for the workload, have you got a HR dept you can go to and discuss the overwhelming workload? Hope you get it sorted out.

How about other warming ideas - thermal underwear, silk socks, a shawl, fingerless gloves etc ? These are all things I and my colleagues turn to when the temperature starts to drop - then you can be completely independent of other people’s actions such as opening the window - which at least should drive away the germs. Good luck with it

B x