Rant about work not giving a ####

Been feeling the heat recently in work and mentioned to my ms nurse. She suggested I get a fan I wrote email to hr requesting a fan and reasons why. Oh my you’d have though I was requesting gold. Was told to get letter from doc saying I needed one which I rushed to do then told the building was set at an optimal temp I didn’t need one. Pushed again for it so they lowered temp of whole office resulting it complaints aimed at me. Borrowed friends fan and took it in but she wants it back they still saying I can’t have one. Meanwhile girl opposite has a new fancy chair an ergonomic keyboard and an ergonomic mouse. Told he tht I’m dissappointed and worried if they can’t get me a simple thing tht eases my day why’s it gonna b like in future if I need something big. O.k rant over lol just had to get that off my chest. Xxx

Call in ‘Access to Work’ they will advise your work what you need


Thanks babe. It’s one of those things though u dnt want to make a fuss in case that’s ur cards marked xx

You know i will give you a laugh regarding your fan I volunteer for the CAB and I have had to jack it in at the moment as the temperature in the office is to warm and that is with fans, have said that they can use me when they complain to council but to no avail into the bargain they have a new volunteer without a brain seeming last week he turned the fan off nearly caused a riot so maybe go back when the weather is better, but trying to explain it is not just a case of overheating but totally breakdown doesn’t seem to work and the statement we all feel the heat is not the same , so that’s me had my rant

Thanks for your rant Trish glad it’s not just me.pat tell me about it’s reduce loud I’m now making it my personal fight as a matter of principle I was mortified to call doctors to get a letter I was really embarrassed can’t wait for my wrk supervision meeting tomoz I’m gonna let rip I have never felt so stigmatised and different and all over a decking fan wht they gonna do when I request a wait for it chair to sit on lol. Seriously they need to watch their back I’m gunning for them lol I’m gonna push it now just to make a point the feckers ahhhhh and relax rant over lol

You cold buy your own fan, that way there is no hassle,you will have paid for it for your own use, i have just bought 2 £10 each,so they dont cost a fortune,really, i know in an ideal world your boss would make sure you had things in place,BUT we dont live in an ideal world,and have to look out for ourselves, i learnt this very early on in my MS.

Ha ha pat what do u think my chances are. Hey I could buy my own but I don’t c y I should whm 3people have “special” chairs keyboards mice and expensive voice recognition systems and a trainer to train them how to use it. I feel a fan is something so little tht should be made available to me grrr I knw I’m taking the moral high ground maybe that’s wrong but it’s sooo anoying xx


You can buy a desk fan in Argos for less than a tenner and at the end of the day not only would you be more comfortable you could take it home with you too!

Save your energy for the big issues.

Yeh ur totally right top. I feel a fool now i knw there are folk with much more to worry about sorry guys xx

Hi, I agree you should be able to get a fan no bother from your work, but tbh, I’d just buy one since they aren’t too expensive. I just want to say don’t fall out with people over this, it’s a little thing, it’s not potentially losing good will over this. Cheryl:-)

I hear ya Cheryl xx

If there is any possibility of the fan you buy to disrupt other workers; e. g. blow their work over do not unilaterally take one in without written permission.

It will be your fault; do not give them easy ammunition as without permission this could be classed as misconduct.


Man who’d have thought a decking fan would cos thus much discussion lol gosh lol

On a similar note, I’ve been asking work to turn a steep step into an incline - I have to pull a trolley up it so it’d be a massive . I even added details about Access to Work! Told me to “go round the long way” Thanks, that double journey time multiple times a day with a heavy trolley will really help my fatigue … Feel your pain. Maybe I’ll take in a sack of cement and have a go at an upgrade myself!

PS they also said no to a fan so I stole a big floor fan from the teacher’s workroom :slight_smile:

Maybe I should steel one then again I do work with young offenders that may not go dwn well with my manager lol I could say I’m getting dwn with the young people lol

Maybe I should steel one then again I do work with young offenders that may not go dwn well with my manager lol I could say I’m getting dwn with the young people lol