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Sorry, I’m venting. I work 3 1/2 days a week, I never took holiday, just asked for occasional sunday off etc. This past 18 months I kicked up about holiday. I went to a drs appt before work one am and they put me in an ambulance, so shop didn’t get opened on time. I rang him as soon as I could. He made me make up 2 days I was in hospital. I did it but told him I was intitled to holiday, alunch break, min temp etc. Would leave but njobs about and confidence low. Temp in here today 10 degrees c. Not allowed to leave shop once I come in Til I finish. Expected to eat lunch at desk, there is no kettle, no drinking water, cold water to wash hands but its all lead piping, no door knob on toilet door so you can’t lock it. And now he’s taken away the stool from behind the desk so nowhere to sit. Argh!!! Also get barely minimum wage which frequently ends up with me working extra with no extra pay. This makes scrooge look generous. Here’s to a new start in new year. Either I stand up to him or sort my self out feel better about my self and look for another job. Whinge over. Know what I need to do just need a little courage! At the moment when I complain I’m told I can leave, if I’m finding it too hard etc and he keeps making my job harder

There are laws about this kind of thing, but I’m afraid I have no idea who you report it to :frowning:

Anyone know???

I hope a new job comes up soon!

Karen x

No; no; thrice no; not allowed; totally illegal. Contact ACAS or EHRC

Obviously there is a legal amount of Annual Leave you must be given if you are an employee. Also your employer Must give you time off for medical appointments as per the Equalities Act; you owe him nothing.

There is also a minimum temperature employee’s work at; no maximum I seem to remember but definitely a minimum.

ACAS or EHRC will sort his little game out; bloody Scrooge.



I just wanted to check one point that George made about making up time. I have had lots of medical appts over last 15 months and have been told that it is down to managers discretion whether i have to make up or not. Is it definately in the Equalities act that you dont have to make up time?

Em xx

What century does your boss think he`s living in.

Be a mug no more and get out and tell him to shove it!

luv Pollx

For a start having no hot water is ilegal . Also having no lock on the toilet door. As for the rest this is also illegal you are entiled to holiday and can even claim it back if you illness while on holiday. The best place to go is c a b they will help with everything. you have a case for court action for un fair working conditions Rach xx

Emma, Unfortunately, no, it is NOT expressly enshrined in the law that you can’t be asked to make up the time (or take it as unpaid leave). This IS a matter for discretion. The law does require “reasonable adjustments” for people with disabilities, and MS is recognised in law as “a disability” for that purpose (whether or not the employee is visibly disabled or not). “Reasonable adjustments” might well include time off for medical appointments without having to make it up afterwards - or sacrifice the pay. But the law stops short of defining “reasonable adjustments”, and leaves it open to interpretation. So “reasonable” will often be whatever deal the parties strike about it. For example, you and your employer might agree that you will split the lost hours between you - e.g. that you will make half of them up again, but the employer gives you the rest. It does seem unreasonable if the time off is always at your expense, never theirs, though. They’re right to claim they have discretion, but it’s mean of them never to exercise it in your favour. I wonder if you could propose a split, that lets you have at least some of the time penalty-free, in return for making the rest up? Tina

I cannot find the sub-paragraph at present but I suggest you ring the EHRC;

The Disabled Discrimination Act that was the basiss for the Eqalities Act definitely had it in. The basis for both Acts are to stop discrimination against disabled people in the workplace.

Therefore no disabled person should be treated the same as a healthy member of staff but ‘reasonable adjustments’ must be made to help the disabled person. This includes time off for medical appointments; as poll says [quote=“MS43”]

What century does your boss think he`s living in.

Be a mug no more and get out and tell him to shove it!

luv Pollx


The EHRC will take it up with your employers if you wish?


This is the DDA 1995 that is the basis for the Equalities Act and I refer you to section 3; subsection f that stats the types of ‘reasonable adjustments;’ allowing him to be absent during working hours for rehabilitation, assessment or treatment.

The EA is far too long to look it up so ring the experts; the EHRC 0800 444 205.

Good luck; don’t let him get away with it.