General Update

Hi All,

I havent posted for a while and thought it was about time i did!!

My last post was in May and i was having a really bad time with work. Im now back at work doing my new reduced hours and so far my managers have left me alone( at the beginning of the year they were making me cry on a daily basis). I had a meeting with HR, my managers and a union rep and the upshot was that im on on report because of my sickness record and i was told that as far as Hr were concerned it was business as usual, they werent going to give me any special consideration and if i have one more day off sick they are going to start formal proceedings. Since this meeting ive seen the company doctor and recieved his report back a few days ago. He has said that he considers that I have a chronic illness that will probably get worse and that they should take this into account when giving me targets and monitoring my sickness. He has also advised that I should be given regular breaks and they should look at redeployment. Im really pleased that their own doctor has now confirmed what I and my doctors have been telling them!! Fingers crossed they will now start taking me and my condition seriously. Thanks for listening xx

Sounds positive Doesnt sound like youve had it easy though, hopefully they will all back off you now Chris

Brilliant, so pleased the outlook is more positive, Your managers and HR dept should hang their heads in shame. Fingers crosed it all works out for you now xx

Brilliant. Sounds much more positive. Hope they lay off a bit now x