poor hubby

Well my poor hubby been to work again it was 28 degrees in the work shop said it has nearly killed him today the heat makes him even more shaky than normal .even had to use his crutches in the work shop .but have been told to get him some cooling spray and some gel packs to put in the fridge to cool him down a bit . I really hope everyone has enjoyed the weather and hasn’t knocked you about to much

hi budda

this weather is perfect for me. sunny and pleasant without getting too hot.

probably be snowing next week - perhaps a relief for your hubby

carole x

Hi, yes it is too hot to be in a confined place where there is no air conditioning. Using crutches in a workshop doesn`t sound too safe. Hope he is ok today, now it is cooler.

luv Pollx

HI Budda

I get these amazing coolingneck wraps free from the company that makes copaxone. you can also buy them though. they contain cooling beads all you have to do is soak it in water and drape it round your neck - keeps your body temp down for hours. I live in Abu Dhabi where is is above 30 degrees pretty much all year and i wear one to play golf - a sport that I am determined to prove is the best therapy for MS :slight_smile:

Does the workshop have to be that hot? (I don’t know what sort of place it is?) Would it be worth copying some information about how heat makes symptoms worse and showing it to his manager? It worked for me when I was moved to a new office and the air conditioning wasn’t working. I was off work for 2 months, fully paid, till they sorted it out and got it working. I know there’s a law that stops workers working in too cold conditions, but I don’t think there is one for heat. Hilary

Thanks guys for comments he moved places in the work shop so he bye the door now bless him