has anyone any advice on how to deal with the heat? i would love to stay in side but unfortunately have to work.I have a mile to walk there and back.Then I'm stuck in the shop from 9.30 til 5. There is no drinking water.nowhere to plug in a kettle , microwave or fan.I would take a sandwich and juice but end up eating sweets cos i dont fancy luke warm sandwiches.i'm heavier than ever. pain and tightness in hands and feet crying1

Try getting one of those battery operated fans to keep you cool on your journeys. For your sandwiches why don't you get a cool bag and put some of those reusable icecubes in it. Obviously wear cool clothing if feasible as well.

Hope you feel better soon



Freeze a bottle of water or squash for the day. You can either hold it to give you some relief in your hands but also drink it to keep your body temperature down and make things a little more comfortable for you.

It's bloody horrible and I wish I knew the answer but maybe that's worth a go.



Have a look at things like kool ties and FRIO products - these are wris & head bands that you soak in water and stay cool for days.

There are laws about working conditions that include max and min temperatures - I think your employer may be legally obliged to try and do something about the heat.

Karen x

Amongst many other things, your employer is obligated by law to provide clean drinking water!

I worked in retail many years ago. The last company I worked for paid for cold drinks for staff when the temperature was very hot even though they supplied clean drinking water.

Maybe someone should approach your employer....

Debbie xx