Wobbly leg much worse when I get up

I am puzzled as to why my wobbly left leg is often at its worse when I get out of bed (3 or 4 times a night to urinate which is contributing to not getting there on time). It also seems to be worse after I have been sitting for a long time. Does anybody else find this and know why?

Hi - I also find symptoms are worse after sitting or lying down. In fact I’m best when moving around. Have you tried sleeping in different positions at night?


Yes, I have to switch from left to right side and also front through the night. I cannot sleep on my back as my snoring and lack of air repeatedly wake me up

When I’m sitting at my desk or at home for any length of time, I find ‘rolling’ my numb foot over a wooden foot massager is helpful. Got mine really cheaply from Amazon - about £3 I think.

Also I find that sandals with a ‘bumpy’ insole (think they are sometimes marketed as massage shoes) are really helpful in getting some of the feeling back in my feet, although it is often v temporary.


re: foot massager

try putting a small bottle of water in the freezer and then roll your foot on it.

great if you are suffering with the heat

carole x

Nobody aware of a rationale? I think it suggests compression affecting a nerve but that would have to be peripheral. I suppose it could be a combination of factors though. Maybe a damaged nerve pathway becomes more susceptible to compression?