just wandering

Hi all

was just wandering, does anyone else always feel worse at night , soon as you get into bed the aches and pains seem to be worse??? Or is it just that its more noticeable…i dunno but it drives me mad

Hi jool I do! Figured it was because I’d stopped and so noticed it more!! Sarah x

I’m pretty sure it’s about attention - less distraction in the evening so everything becomes more noticeable.

There are some things that are really worse at night though (e.g. restless legs).

Karen x

Hi, I`m wondering if your posture/support seating could be to blame for your night discomfort.

This was happening to me and I kept blaming my mattress…changed it a couple of times and then found out it was my daytime sitting that was the culprit.

Are you a wheelie user? If so make sure you have the right kind of support.

luv POllx