My bottom aches!

Does any one else get really achy from sitting down too much? I try and get out for a short walk each day and I do move around a fair bit but inevitably I do sit on my bum a fair amount of the day

I’m certainly not skinny and have some padding down there but I wondered if anyone had purchased a special cushion to help alleviate the problem.


I don’t get to sit down much, but when I do sit for long periods in the same position, my coccyx really hurts. I have no idea why, I have not done anything to ot, it just causes pain when I first move. It is gine when I get going. I don’t know if it is the MS, but I can’t think of anything else it could be xx

I get the ‘right-sided buttock ache’ if I sit for any length of time at all… then it creeps down the leg.

I have a memory foam recliner chair that really helps a lot… can sit in it for ages… and you can buy memory foam pillows so I think that would help.

Recently I went to the theatre and took my own cushion… helped my rear end no end…

I’ve got lots of my own natural padding down there but doesn’t seem to help!

Pat x

Hi, I also have to sit for long periods of time, as I am unable to walk.

In my wheelie, I have a memory foam cushion, which wheelchair services gave me. Only had it about 2 months, as previous one wore down. I am in wheelie for up to 10 hours a day. I sit in recliner if I can in afternoons.then it`s bed from 7pm - 9am. Yes, my bum aches too!

luv Pollx

Yes I feel like this too and often have to re-position ny self for comfort. Another thing that happens is whenever I have been sat down for a long time, when I stand up it feels like my legs wont work and they have died

Hi Jon, yeah i get that too. Sometimes have to actually slap my legs and shout at them…‘MOVE!’

I’ve had a few sideways looks when doing it in public…

Pat x

Yes I feel all achey when I have sat for a while, stiff legs and very difficult to walk!!! Sometimes I feel like a old woman, I am only 45!!! Takes me ages to climb the stairs too.

Does anyone find it hard to drift off to sleep, my legs ache and twitch so much it drives me mad. Been off work 9mths, and I am finding it difficult to get motivated, I take small walks, but just doing simple tasks I find I am worn out!!!


I don’t get much chance for sitting still, even on my off days someone wants me about every 2 seconds, “mummy” “mum” or “mumumum”. But I find if I drive for anything more than about half an hour I get really painful left sided buttock, doesn’t alleviate by changing position, I get out of car and its a great feeling of relief, but it takes a minute or two to get my leg back to normal.

I inevitably have to sit for long periods every day and therefore suffer from a ‘numb bum’, as well as when I stand up my legs have stiffened up so badly I walk like a robot! Teresa xx

Hi Janet I am only 33 and sometimes feel like a OAP in fact I know people in their 80’s and 90.s with more stamina that me I often struggle walking it is a real effort to walk upstairs and always have trouble getting to sleep then wake up at stoopid times like 3am, usually for the toilet but when I go I cant go and then can’t get back to sleep.

My GP said that problems with sleeping is part of depression which I find hard to understand because my mum complains of depression but spends most of the day in bed

Hi It is difficult to get about, and if I have sat just for half hr takes me ages to get back on my feet and walk!!!

Sleeping or that is so hard to do, I can be tired and go to bed, but I can take ages to drift off, then like you said wake up for the loo, and then count sheep again!!!


I get a feeling like I am deeply bruised at the position of tyhe coccyx from time to time, especially if on a long cach journey or similar, which makes it momentarily painful to rise for a brief period. I think it is called coccydynia or unstable cocyx.

Oh dear, forgot to check for typos!