sore bum

just wondering if anybody can help me with my sore bum

my buttocks feel as though i’ve had a very heavy workout (not very likely). they ache even when i’m lying down.

i asked the physio at the ms therapy centre and she advised me to do squats. but it already feels like i’ve been doing squats all week.

as pains go, this is not too bad but i’m puzzled as to why.

carole x

Hi Carole, have you thought about your seating cushions? I am a full time wheelie, so this problems happens to me. When it does I change my support cushions. Or could it be nerve pain? i find amitriptyline helps it too.

luv Pollx

thanks poll

i already take amitriptyline but it might be the new mattress. i got one of those tempur matresses.

i do spend a lot of time in bed.

carole x

Hi again. I also send a lot of time in bed… around 15 hours a day…the day time is shared between sitting in either my wheelchair or recliner chair. No wonder our bottoms and backs get sore, is it?

I have a profiling bed and an air circulating mattress…both supplied by social services/nhs. I get pressure pains, so this helps some of the time. I did have a tempur mattress, but found I was unable to turn over on it.

luv Pollx