sore bum

Hi All

my mum has secondary progressive MS.

she has be bed bound for a long while. lately she has started to complain about pains in her bum.

she already uses a pressure mat similar to this one

we also bought her an air cushion to place under her bum while she lays down. she was happy with the cushion at first but now we are back to having bum pains.

does anyone have any solutions or experience in this matter? please I will be grateful for any advice given.

her last comment was this morning “I just don’t know what to do about it, this is depressing me”



Looks like you need to talk to gp there may be somthing available to help her.

Pressure sores can become quite nasty if left untreated, so best book an appointment with your GP and catch it early.


good idea to get the area checked by gp. meantime may i suggest some basic things. move/turn position hourly-left/right/back. i realise this will depend on if that possible in the first place. drink plenty water to keep skin hydrated. again i am aware of the knock on effects of this but we tend not to drink enough water because of the pee’ing difficulties but it is important.

cream to protect skin? sudocream thins the skin (some say) so scent free ordinary moisturiser better i think.

if the skin does break down, covering it in egg white and drying it off (preferably with oxygen but a hairdryer will do) is old fashioned effective remedy.

these are just my suggestions-get advice from gp/nurse. i hope you find a solution.


Hello Yaz,

You need to contact either your mums MS nurse / OT (Occupational Therapist) / Community nurse / Adult care point for help & advice.

All the best…

You need to ring adult social services and ask for an OT to come out to assess your Mum it sounds like she needs an air mattress to try and help avoid pressure sores.It sounds like she may already have a pressure sore and if so it needs treating as they can turn very nasty,very quickly.

Absolutely agreed. You need to get her checked out. Pressure sores are the absolute pits. And can take a long time to heal.

I’d get OT at the least, or possibly a doctor, out to check on her.

Hopefully it’s not a major problem. But with anyone basically immobile, they should be checked regularly for pressure sores.