Hi all, has anyone had or got a pressure sore on their buttocks from constantly sitting in their wheelchair. Well i had one because i had a problem getting into bed (still have the problem but it’s being sorted) back to the sore it really did hurt i could not sit without it hurting nurse was dressing it twice a week iv’e had different pressure cushions tried everything and then i found an old cushion just a square of foam 18 " x 18" x 4" i cut a square out of the back underneath the sore area and then sliced it down to 2" thick, i now have 2 cushions, placed it in chair on top of seat and sat on it and then the miracle happened within 4 days it had healed the nurse was amazed , but because the sore area wasn’t pressing on anything it healed, a simple and cheap solution to a serious problem if not treated, i hope this helps someone, any questions please message me happy Christmas to all, Ivan.

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wow ivan!

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happy christmas

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