Bed sores

Does anyone have a secret solution for pressure sores I have had mine since January! I am really disappointed with myself for having them but after 25 years with MS I now can’t turn over at night. I have changed my mattress to a crenalated softer topper allegedly to aid airflow. I have also had some fucidine cream from the Dr but nothing is helping so far. I have just ordered some aloe vera to try that as seeing a nurse is not easy. I am sitting on a memory foam donut which does help .Any suggestions?


Firstly, welcome to the forum which, I suppose no-one would choose to join, but we are here and make the best of it.

Like you, I can’t turn over in bed so I have a ‘monkey pole’ behind the bed and can, just about, manage with that. The ot managed to get it for me many moons ago.

When I had a pressure sore the district nurse let me have a barrier cream which helped, that maybe your best bet to ring your GP and ask to speak to the district nurse.

Hope this helps, wishing you all the best.

Pam x

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Hi there. I asked my wife, a retired nurse, about your questions. She said do try and get a District Nurse to see you and if the sore shows any signs of cracking then you do need to tell your GP. Try massaging around the sore to keep the blood flowing

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These “moving around in bed” exercises are good, if you can manage them.

Functional exercises to support everyday tasks | MS Trust

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Thank you. I actually saw the practice nurse yesterday and she is going to reach out to a couple of her colleagues and get back to me, so fingers crossed.